Fat Joe Lost Weight and Reversed Diabetes Using Healthy Eating

Fat Joe at his heaviest weighed somewhere over 400 pounds. But through changing his diet he has lost well over a 100 pounds.

Previously, He was dedicated to living a lavish lifestyle that included eating alot of steak and lobster. The reason? Simply because he could afford it.

And I mean why not? If you can afford to have the most tasty foods whenever you want why not, right?

Joe before he took his health seriously.

But then you see others around you who are too self indulgent and as producer Swiss Beats would say “The world is very different now.”

You begin to realize that people are dying from something that most of us see as harmless. Food. It’s food that is killing people. Fat Joe had seven friends die from heart attacks and a majority of them were overweight.

Not to mention they were young (in their 30’s). That’s crazy and sparked a wake up call for Joe. A wake up call that will hopefully keep him away from being one of the 82+ million American people that will have some sort of heart disease.

Heart disease that kills one woman a minute and occurs suddenly in men sometimes without warning. Thank goodness Joe first began by cutting back on carbs and replacing them with veggies.

Then he began a weekly workout regimen of cardio, followed by weight, concluding with cardio. The proof is in the fat free pudding (corny I know but I couldn’t resist). Hard work definitely pays off.

Fat Joe before and after he lost 100 lbs
Before and after pic of Fat Joe.

As you can see he lost almost like another person. But that is not the most amazing part of this whole transformation. The amazing part is that he was a diabetic for 16 years and after losing all of that weight he was able to rid his body of diabetes.

Some specialists recommend that you lose 5 to 10 percent of your bodyweight and add about a 150 minutes of exercise a week in order to slow type II diabetes or completely reverse it.

Also, eating foods high in fiber can help to slow down way your body sucks up glucose. Fiber can come in many forms.

When I think about it, my grandma comes to mind putting scoops of Metamucil in her orange juice. But you can actually get fiber through many vegetables, berries and nuts among other sources.

In short, the basics of exercise and making healthier choices can change or better yet save your life.


How do actors get ripped so fast, Ludacris Workout

I often wonder how actors get ripped so fast. I mean there are rumors people like Jake Gyllenhaal put on a ton of muscle for the movie southpaw in 6 months!

Now supposedly he went to the gym for six hours (3 hour sessions twice a day) everyday. Sorry I just do not believe that.  So I moved on and took a look at an actor for the Fast Furious franchise.

Ludacris used to look like this.
ludacris in beater







His arms were small and weak looking, no chest, poor trap development. Now the guy looks like he lives in the gym.



He got completely ripped for the Fast Furious franchise and has never looked back. He did this through a combination of circuit training and compound exercises.

Luda went to the gym regularly and did variations of lunges/squats with kettlebells, push ups, and more. The idea is to increase the metabolism to burn more but to build muscle without tiring himself out given his small frame.

Compounding is key here. Compound exercises are ones where more than one muscle group is worked out at the same time.

Why compound?

Because you can gain some serious strength by doing exercises such as bench presses, squats, dead lifts. All of these exercises make use of the muscles that can bear the most weight, thus increasing effort, thus forcing your body to get stronger faster than isolation workouts alone.

Also, you are maximizing your time if you perform compounding. If you concentrated on one body part at a time it could take you forever to finish a workout.

Instead by training multiple muscles at once you are trimming down the time it takes you in the gym and then you are off to enjoy the rest of your day.

If you are curious to see a sample of how Ludacris does it in the gym, check out this video.



How to exercise in the gym- Mistakes beginners make

Some of these may come as a surprise or may even be a little funny. But I comprised a few of the mistakes that many beginners may make in the gym.

Poor Hygiene

mold cheese
Do not come to the gym smelling like this. Please and thanks.

I cannot tell you the number of people that I have seen or should I say smelled over the years. I get it, you are going to sweat anyway and may just roll out of the bed into the gym.

But if you were stinky before bed or even had some borderline funk, odds are that the stench will be increased while working out.

It is unfair to everyone’s nose around you to not at least take a quick shower before the gym.

Me personally, I am a night sweater so I KNOW that in the morning my booty needs some soap.

If I am working out in the morn I typically will take a 5 minute shower beforehand just to make sure that I do offend someone.

This may seem like commonsense but trust me some people are not doing it and smelling like old cheese from the time they first walk in.

Now if you are an all-natural person, I hear you. I still recommend some all natural deodorant  at the least. No offense guys.

Bite off more than you can chew

This one is two-fold. First, a lot of beginners start off by lifting more than they can actually handle.

I have seen many dudes in particular lifting more than what they should and end up with a barbell on top of their necks.

Shoot, I am one of those guys that came into the gym overestimating what I could do and needed to scream for help. Similar to this guy in the video below.
The only difference is I was in a Planet Fitness, embarrassed, with plenty of snickering females watching from the safety of their tread mills.

I also did not call for my dad because my mom is a strong lady. In all seriousness, you have to be careful. It is very possible to hurt yourself not even realize it.

Muscle strains sneak up on you man. Sometimes you can experience soreness and think its just normal “I go hard in the gym” stuff.

Then a week goes by and you still have horrible pain. Don’t overload your muscles. Warm up for brief period so your muscles can stretch and then rest for sixty seconds or so between  heavy sets.

The last thing you want is your workout to be the cause of you not being able to workout. Seems counterproductive. Right?

The second piece to this is literally eating more than you can handle right before the gym. That’s right guys, I am talking about FARTS. Or flatulence if you want me to be a gentleman about it.


If something makes you gassy (i.e. baked beans, deviled eggs), avoid it before the gym. I know that farts are natural and I will even excuse a little one here and there.

However, everything already smells in the gym and no one want to hear your trumpet.

Lack of Planning

Preparation is key to not only get started to stay on track. Have you ever seen the person that walks into the gym, stands there for 5 minutes, and then finally picks something to do?

I always wonder if that person had a plan.

If you approach your sessions in this manner then you will likely only work the body parts that you enjoy to workout.

Or worst and only workout one muscle group over and over again. It’s important to note that if you do not use a muscle over time you may lose that muscle.

Why do you think that there are senior exercise groups? Granny ain’t trying to go to the nursing home early due to a loss of function.

My point is that you must plan for success and doing a split workout where you have days for specific muscle groups.

This ensures balance of growth and strength throughout your body.

Unless you want to look like Mr. Incredible and that would not be hot for any guy nor chick.


What to do for sore muscles from working out

Your body hurts, you can barely walk up a flight of stairs or raise your arms above your head without some pain, you doubt that yesterday’s workout was worth it.

Does this sound like you?

cherry juice
Cherry juice can help soreness.

Are you wondering what to do for sore muscles from working out? There are plenty of remedies to help you.

If you are more of a natural cure kind of person then try drinking cherry juice to reduce any swelling.

Or if you are a “just give me the place to go so I can buy something now man” type—Try Absorbine Jr. It is a pain relieving liquid that quickly is sucked up into your muscles and heats the pain away.

Similar to Icy Hot without the icy part. Below are a few more ways to aid your achy body.

Lebron foam roller
If it helps Lebron it can help you.

Roll your pain away

I have never used foam rollers but I see people in the gym use them all the time and they swear by them. The idea is to release knots in your fascia. Fascia is the stuff that connects your muscles together.

Although it hurts while you are working out these knots the benefit outweighs the pain.

Think of it as a massage that you control, that may not cost you more than a one-time fee of twenty bucks, that you can use whenever/wherever.

Oh and Lebron James uses foam rollers too. Hey I figured why not throw an athlete in here as an example. If he uses it, then it has to be effective right?

Protein before bed

Feed your muscles overnight. Your body is basically fasting overnight. Think about it.

Nothing is going into to it for eight or more hours. And for some folks that eat dinner early in the evening this period can be even longer.

In college I remember a friend of mine asking if she should stop eating around six o’clock so she didn’t get fat.

At the time my response was “I eat whenever I feel like eating. You’re crazy to starve yourself.” I still feel that way.

There was a time in my life where bulking was all that mattered so I would set alarms to wake myself up just to eat and go back to sleep.

Guess what?

I really didn’t gain that much fat or muscle. So I wouldn’t worry about it. The extra protein will help repair. Plus you do not have to have a whole chicken, just a little protein will do.

 Protein after your workout

As a rule of thumb you should have some protein after your workout.


So your body has enough nutrients to build up and repair the muscle you have just broken down. I always drink a shake within thirty minutes after my workout for this reason. Why within thirty minutes?

Because there is a small window where your body is the most receptive. Some folks even sip a shake throughout their workout but I really have anything besides water while I work out, otherwise I feel bloated.

My recommendation is to drink it before and after a workout to save your stomach.

Rest works wonders for us all.
Rest works wonders for us all.


I could not find any scientific data to back a direct correlation between sleep and muscle recovery but we do know that the human body makes use of protein while you sleep.

So getting more rest combined with adequate protein intake should do the trick to aid in bringing your muscle back to life.

As with most activities the lack of sleep will negatively impact your body. On a side note, lack of sleep causes a rise in cortisol levels.

The spike in this hormone is related to weight gain. So not only should you rest up for soreness but to help your belly.

Yes you can to pain relievers

You can us pain relievers but they can slow muscle growth. The pain you feel say in your quads or calves after an intense squat or lunge session is all part of the process of muscle development.

If your goal is to grow your muscles then I would not recommend taking any aspirin or ibuprofen before or after a tough workout.

If the pain is unbearable for the few days that it will last then go for it.

The only time I can remember using ibuprofen for sore muscles was when I injured my wrist (but at the time I didn’t realize it) and needed the inflammation to go down so I could continue lifting.

By the way, that is not a smart idea either.

Tub of ice

An ice bath is said to ease your aches and pains for up to twenty-four hours afterwards.

Many marathon runners and NBA athletes use take ice baths immediately after the marathon or long game.

The downside is well….Brrrrrrrrrrr.

I hope that this post helps you find a technique or solution so you do not lose steam as you begin to transform your body.

The worst thing that can happen is that you lose momentum after working so hard to convince yourself to go to the gym.

Lost momentum can reverse everything you have gained and built. Do not let soreness be the reason to retreat back to bad habits.

If this was beneficial or interesting, leave a comment and share with a friend.



Boost Your Metabolism- 3 Easy Ways to Change Your Body at Any Age

In this video I recommend 3 ways to boost your metabolism. There are definitely ways to speed your metabolism up.

You do not have to suffer with excess weight because you think that your genetics will not let you lose or if you think you are too old to change your body.

Yes it is true that once you hit your forties the metabolism drastically changes BUTTTTT….you can fight against it and win at any age.

All you need is to start with small changes. You have the power and I believe in you.

Check out the video and leave me some comments if something is interesting or if you have questions.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Puff Diddy- A Lesson in Perseverance

He taught me a lesson in perseverance…One of my hip hop heroes is Sean Combs otherwise known as P. Diddy, or just Diddy. I couldn’t help but to want to be like him and start up my own rap label from my basement.

So I too could be an entrepreneur that danced around, listened to music all day and sat back while the money poured in (that’s how I imagined his life being).

I used to make horrible sounding beats on an old drum machine (I wish I remembered the name of the machine) it resembled the late 80’s Alesis HR-16/HR-16B. It could only hold 16 drum patterns and I had an old pair of dj headphones that my brother and law gave to me.

Alesis HR 16
The Alesis HR 16. What beat making fantasies are made from.

I wondered why he was so generous—turns out that only one side worked. So I had to pretend that there was sound in both ears when I bopped my head to the magic I had just made.

Eventually I upgraded to software like Fruity Loops in college and then the Maschine  after college. But I got discouraged when some of my friends did not like my music.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I really began to believe in myself but the damage was done.

Now I make beats sporadically and throw them into videos here on Protein Assistant.

Who knows where I could have been if I just kept going. Diddy’s trademark phrase is “can’t stop, won’t stop” that was a lesson that I missed.

Diddy never quits whether that be music or running a marathon. What marathon are you running in your life?
Diddy never quits whether that be music or running a marathon. What marathon are you running in your life?

Now I try to pay attention to the lesson he has continually taught us over the years. That lesson is Persevere no matter the obstacle.

Ignore the naysayers

While Diddy was preparing for his 2003 New York City Marathon many people doubted that he could complete it, especially being that he had never ran one before.

And he even bragged about wanting to beat Oprah’s time of 4 hours and 29 minutes. Well guess what? He did by a whole 29 minutes.

No naysayer can prevent you from moving forward when you decide to remain focused even before people start to discourage you.
ignore quote alex elle

Have a goal

That brings me to another point. He had a goal. A couple of goals. First it was beating Oprah then it was raising one million dollars for inner city children in New York.

Those goals drove him to keep pushing even when his own body told him to stop. Diddy stated “I’ve never experienced mental or physical pain like that.”

It’s crazy when you really think about it. Both his body and mind pleaded for him to discontinue the pain they were under.

This is much like any workout you do for the first time to challenge yourself.

I remember even as a beginner the thought of a pushup or a bench press hurt my mind and body before I even got started.

Before I got out the bed sometimes I was already talking myself out of working out. Then I would get to the gym and couldn’t do more than 10 pushups without my arms completely giving up on me.

I was like mannn, I knew this would happen, that’s why I should have stayed in the bed. But then I shifted my mindset to a specific goal.

I decided that every week I would get a little stronger by doing a few more reps even after I felt tired and hold the last rep for as long as I could.

This is a technique I ended up using even while I weightlift. I place my muscle under as much pressure by holding a weight up on my last rep of my last set.

Shift your mind

A mind shift had to occur for Diddy to get beyond the 12th mile (remember he had to run 26.2 of them in total).

About half through is when he started to experience leg cramps and he aggravated a nagging knee issue. Can you imagine your legs basically giving up on you but you are not even half way done?

leg cramps hylands
Maybe Puff should have had a few of these handy

This is where he changed his mind.

He wanted to stop but the goal was too important, the job was not finished, he could not give up on himself, the children, or his supporters that donated to the cause.

So he FINISHED. And he stated “It was a life changing experience because I did not stop.” That’s a powerful message.

No surrender

If you can ignore the people who tell you it is impossible, set a goal/make it a fixture in your mind, and then shift your thoughts to overcome adversity then you have what it takes to develop a no surrender attitude.

A no surrender attitude is what drives you when nothing else externally can. This is what “the eye of the tiger” represents. A no holds barred approach to achieving fitness.

I see this the most with runners. The running culture is interesting because their thought is how can I run today. Not can I run today.

diddy running finishline
The result of not surrendering is finish with your head and hand held high.

It is not unusual for me to see a runner a day or two after it snows (with shorts, a winter hat, and gloves on) or to see one in the rain (with shorts on, maybe a jacket, maybe).

They have conditioned their minds and bodies to deal with the elements. The training does not stop because of weather.

I have no clue if this is true but I imagine a runner looking at the weather report and saying “yeah whatever.”

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you decided to “yeah whatever” more often.

I bet if you decided right now to say “I will” instead of “Will I?” that you could start a healthy change in your life. Tell me, what is the harm in trying it out?

So many avid gym-goers that I know have conditional habits. That’s why the gym is so packed in January and then it dies down.

People will exercise on the condition of a new year but then they surrender shortly after.

I encourage you to never surrender and keep going. Diddy wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Does Muscle Turn to Fat-Like how Arnold’s body did

Does your muscle turn to fat? I burned the midnight oil to answer this question real quick. You may think after looking at Arnold’s body when he was the governator that your body could go to mush too…

I am here to resolve this and put the worry to rest.

Oh and shout out to Jaron. His track “Forever” is the featured intro song for today’s post.

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